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19U Girls Open

2018 Changes to 19U Division

Changes to 18U Boys and 19U Girls:

The SGOM Ice Hockey Committee is pleased to announce changes to our oldest age bracket divisions: 19U Girls and 18U boys (formerly known as the HS Division).

After much discussion within our committee and various scouts (college and junior), we have decided to reformulate these two divisions. Starting in 2018 and moving forward, these divisions are now OPEN divisions - meaning that any player falling within the birth years are eligible to participate: HS, Tier I, Tier II, B, ACHA, Junior level, etc. This year's birth eligibility is as follows: 18U Boys - 1999 and younger. 19U Girls - 1998 and younger.

Both of these divisions will have open registration for centralized tryout location, where every player will be evaluated on their ability. Teams will be chosen, based upon the number of registrants. (i.e. If we have enough capable players for 8 teams, we will do 8 teams. If we get enough for 10, we will do 10, etc.) Exact details will be added to the website very soon.

We see this move as an evolution of the highest level hockey the State Games of Michigan has to offer, rather than a replacement of past HS and Girls events. Every year we attract some college and junior scouts, and are starting to see more SGOM alums on junior and college rosters but would like to do more to help give Michigan based players more exposure. We will be reaching out to all MI NCAA, NAIA and ACHA programs, as well as programs from throughout the midwest, including ACHA and Junior teams, as we strive to make this a Premier destination for player exposure. We are looking forward to the best players in the state showcasing themselves.

We look forward to an amazing event in July.

Please check for information. We are updating the site regularly to keep you informed.

State Games Ice Hockey Committee

Coaching Staff:


Brad Johnson

Lori Seguin

Committed Scouts:


Trine University